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JUNE: Community Wrap


Hello to those that wanted a reminder that we have a new community wrap up! @frog @Queenie @Sophia1 @Smashpea @Sans911 @BlueBay @Findingmyway @Mazarita @Former-Member @EternalFlame @Poppie @Adge @Teej @Pepperpot @CheerBear @outlander

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handclapping.pngCelebrate a member
This month we celebrate @Pepperpot who has been getting to know the forums very quickly and has offered a lot of support to others as a new member already! Making your way around the forum can be intimidating at first and to be able to offer your support to others and their journey is magnificent. 
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As some of you may have seen SANE Forums has been working on a responsive project which simply put has meant a process of updating our technology to be 'responsive' to the devices people are using so that the site can be better accessed and utilised throughout mobile, tablet, desktop. We have also been looking at making some improvments along the way. For all the information click here
This new platform will be rolled out on Tuesday 5 June (site maintenance will take place 2am - 3am Tues 5 June
quote.pngQuote of the month
Yes it will run its course and you will move to the next stage. Trust your journey.💕- said by @Maggie💕here
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