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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Focussing on the positives-

 @Darcy @soul  @Faith-and-Hope  @Shaz51  + everyone

I don't for a minute think that I am alone here but the last couple of weeks have been particularly difficult for our family with my darling quite unwell and going back into hospital for the third time in the last 6 months. I have not coped with this well at all, along with one of our children in particular, with additional unnecessary challenges added to the mix only making things worse. (The support here has been a significant help for that I am very grateful).

What I am aware of is that, while it helps to talk things through, far better to talk about things than to internalise them, it is very easy for me to get unnecessarily angry and bitter about our situation and dwell on things too much creating a downward spiral in my coping ability. It also affects my sleep.

To counter this I am making a commitment to find at least 1 positive thing that has happened and at least 1 thing to be grateful for each day and post it here. And if I can manage it, at least 1 thing that has made me laugh. (Posting it here as a form of accountability to make sure I actually do it :-)

I had a glimmer of light on Saturday by consciously listng things to be grateful for but slipped back into the sulks on Sunday (no negatives in this thread so no explanation as to why here).  So based on this I am making a commitment to consiously note these things each day.... please feel free to call me out if I dont :-) that woud be  huge help :-)

  1. Something postiive that has happened today.
  2. Something to be grateful for today.
  3. If I can manage it- somthing that made me laugh today.  



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Re: Focussing on the positives-

Day 1: Monday 29 May.

Something positive/ to be grateful for : 

  1. I actually got about 4 hours interrupted sleep last night and woke with a clear head. 

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Something positive that happened yesterday was visiting friends in the country with two of my daughters.

Something I am grateful for is my ability to paint, and the time and facility being available.

This made me laugh -


Re: Focussing on the positives-

Great idea @Determined. I shall certainly hold you accountable. Looking forward to hearing something positive. You deserve it. Sometimes it's not easy to see the good things but I'm hoping that somehow, somewhere you can find them. You have a great sense of humour and they do say that laughter is the best medicine so that can only be a plus as well.


Re: Focussing on the positives-


Re: Focussing on the positives-

End of day 1.
Something positive - lecturer was happy with ny progress. Even gave me more time.
Something to be grateful for.
Got a call from the school this afternoon. Someone has dropped off a dinner for our family. No idea who but grateful that someone took the time to do that for our family.
Something that made me laugh.
Well I can laugh now... didnt at the time
Took bub to class with me this morning. Was doing great sitting quietly beside me playing. I had forgotten it was a recorded lecture... as soon as the lecture started and the lecturer pressed record bub started singing loudly and banging his car on the desk. Ran out to the front of the room and did a dance lol. Will need to check in the morning to see if he is on video. Should provide some entertainment for those students watching the le ture on line.

Re: Focussing on the positives-

Well done@Determined. I bet Bub really brightened up the lecture. 




Re: Focussing on the positives-

Day 1: Monday 29 May.

Went for a walk this afternoon  Smiley Very Happy

Well done @Determined


Re: Focussing on the positives-

LOL @Faith-and-Hope, love the pic.
I dont need a cat to do that, bub does just fine :-)


@Darcy  took me a bit to spot the mere cat love it  :-)


well done on the walk @Shaz51, how are things for you tonight.


Re: Focussing on the positives-

ok tonight @Determined, Mr Shaz is looking up the computer tonight , about photography

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