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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Today im proud of myself for.....

 being a carer can be challanging and often we can forget about ourselves

it's important to give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes for doing something scary or challenging or out of our comfort zone


what are you proud of yourself for?


Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

what are you proud of yourself for Today ??

hello @outlander, @Amour_Et_Psyché

I am proud of making it through the day today

how about you -- @Darcy, @Adge

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

I'm proud of making it through the week @Shaz51 - have had such a busy week! Smiley Happy

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

Me too @Shaz51 Proud of just getting through the day.

I was surrounded by stressed-out people, who were blaming instead of problem-solving.

So I got all stressed-out too, then got a massive headache...


Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

Way to go @Adge, @Amour_Et_Psyché , one day , one step at a time my friends xxx

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

Wow @outlander I did something yesterday and I wanted to start a thread with something like this but you've said it better:


Last weekend, there was another huge tragedy in Western Australia and I wrote on my Facebook page that it wasn't just the tragedy that was terrible but how the reporters reported on it by showing a young man with a photo of him looking like a gangster. I questioned why the newspapers didn't show a photo of him in his school uniform as he went to a good Catholic College for high school but only wrote about him negatively. The reporters think ...'oh this is the too hard basket,' and dont research the story on his past properly. The reporters wrote a couple of times 'psychotic,' and I questioned who actually knows what that means besides grabbing a pamphlet from the Gps which writes a whole lot of words people would find it hard to understand.


I then wrote an email to my friend who works in the papers in Western Australia and asked

1. why doesn't someone interview someone with lived experience and their loved ones what having a psychotic episode is really like and the frustration loved ones feel when hospitals in the emergency dept. ignore them.


2. if reporters feel " people suffering times of mental health is a very complex situation.... why dont they just write about it? 

3. write about self-care, getting support and what the first point of call should be as soon as diagnosed for both the client and the carer's loved ones and I gave my thoughts on who that should be.

I wrote about the word empathy. Where would society be if we didn't show empathy?


Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

thats amazing @PeppiPatty well done Heart

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

thanks @outlander

I'm just so so sad. A young man'smedium.jpgimages-3.jpeg life is destroyed.

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

it is very hard @PeppiPatty i cant handle much of the news on tv anymore esp the bad things. i only watch the tv shows i like but no other times and i avoid the news times which feels like pretty much all day.
i guess that is empathy for you, we dont even have to know the person to feel empathetic towards them and their families

Re: Today im proud of myself for.....

I went to the tax agent this afternoon - & got my tax return lodged.

It took a 1 & 1/2 hour appointment - motivational value.

It didn't go into my "too hard basket", & get left undone (not lodged).


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