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Re: Craft Corner

Hey @PatchouliRose ☺ Hope doing fine is OK for you. Does your boyfriend/husband person watch netflix with you?

I can't imagine typing quickly with two fingers! I remember being so happy with myself when I started being able to type with more than two fingers, with some kind of speed and not a whole heap of mistakes.

Sorry if there was something off in my message. I'm doing 0K thanks. I haven't been feeling all that great for a while now so I'm going in to a mental health recovery kind of place in a few days. It's been pretty stressful to get to this point and I'm anxious thinking about it but also really looking forward to it too. I'll take heaps of crafty stuff to do ☺

Hope your day/afternoon is going well.

Re: Craft Corner

Hi.  @CheerBear  I'm doing really, really great lately!  I hope that your stay is a good one!  Smiley Happy  I really do.  Smiley Happy  I hope that you learn the skills that you need there or get whatever it is that you need while you are there.  Also, I am going to post a picture of a not recent but a piece of jewelry that I made a long, long, long time ago!  Smiley Happy  It's a real beauty to me.  It's my husband/boyfriend persons and he still has it after all of these years!  Smiley Happy  I call him husband/boyfriend person because we aren't legally married.  Okay Cheers!  

Re: Craft Corner

So good to hear you are doing really great @PatchouliRose! 😊 That's awesome! Thanks for your wishes too.

I am looking forward to seeing your picture when you share it.

Husband/boyfriend person is a great way of saying it. Whatever works for you!

Hope your day/evening is a good one ☺

Re: Craft Corner

Hi everyone!! I'm doing some card making at the moment - best way to spend a Friday night while the fiance watches AFL! I've been doing a lot of card making lately.

Re: Craft Corner

Here's something I macramed over 20 years ago.❤IMG_20180623_171002.jpg


Re: Craft Corner

I just finished the black and silver bracelet up.❤IMG_20180624_223343.jpg


Re: Craft Corner

Love your bracelet. Very clever @PatchouliRose

BB 😊

Re: Craft Corner

@BlueBay Thank you.  Smiley Happy  I gave it to an Aunt that visited from out of town today.  She really likes it.

Re: Craft Corner

They are both lovely @PatchouliRose.

Re: Craft Corner

@Maggie Thank you very much Mags.  HeartHeartHeart

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