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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Nice and fresh here as well @Anna88

Looking forward to spring. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Mind is buzzing here at the moment.

Prospects for sleep are not looking good. 


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I hate when that happens @Determined sometimes I find that focusing on my breath steadies my thoughts and I can fall asleep

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Too warm - trying to keep cool - in far north for a few days@Anna88 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Darcy bring a little bit of warmth back down south with you

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?


Buzzing mind = 😵

Poor sleep = 😬


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Not much sleep for about a week @Darcy

Think it may be new meds. Have a gp app on Monday. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

That and preparing for a big week at uni next week. Start of semester activities. Between student rep and support staff activities it will be quite busy. 


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Have had to move out to the couch lol.

Darling is snoring snorting and farting like you would not believe.  Probably the chilli she had at dinner time.  My ear drums are still rattling in the next room. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Perhaps just a tad too much info there @Determined 😀 


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