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Re: Tabaluga's

Happy Endings help.  Not Mata Hari, Ha ha but have irl friend called Margreeta .... that spellin ... seeing her in couple of weeks.

Felt it more important to get a life and friends for son and I, before a partner. Nobody made the earth move yet.

Re: Tabaluga's

Okay and yes it is re world. Sorry re having to translate. Germany is next to Holland? Anyway resisting German comments or comments auf Deutsch

Re: Tabaluga's

Ok there was an earthquake here in WA today re earth moving although for earth to move may just require a digger .. re mines @Appleblossom and mean an earth moving machine 😸

Re: Tabaluga's

Ok I’ll shut up now. Just a sad lonely old guy one own (said w involuntary yet felt jaw pressure) anyway not your problem. Nite

Re: Tabaluga's

Gday @TAB

Not applicable

Re: Tabaluga's


Ok we can chat here its fine, I am not sure about that music Thread we may get asked to leave there had we chatted much longer?

I will be right back, just need to let my Puppies out to play in the back yard, ok Leventia Smiley Happy

Re: Tabaluga's

Hi @boot you’re up early

Re: Tabaluga's

What's on the cards today @TAB

Re: Tabaluga's

52 pickup? @boot .. uh very little. Just rest I think and try not to get into trouble what about you?

Re: Tabaluga's

Not alot today,catching up with a good friend tomorrow @TAB

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