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Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Gday @Shaz51 how are you my friend?

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

a bit tired now @Hamsolo01 Heart

might go to bed soon , being watching the show we tapped last night

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

Me too @Shaz51 & @Hamsolo01 It's wind-down for bed time (or I won't sleep)...



Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

yes @Adge, @Hamsolo01, ooppps I starting to feel hungary again xx

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

What did you watch @Shaz51?

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

You are sounding a bit better @Crazy_Bug_Lady .. and you made it here tonight 👍 😀

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I had maccas for dinner

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

"how made are you " on sbs @Hamsolo01

Re: The Weekly Friday Feast

I'm home now after dinner.

My phone's charging so I'm feeling a little better than before... I'm not on any medication at the moment (with support from my GP) so my moods and anxiety levels are all over the place, and anything can set it off... So an unplanned trip out for dinner, my phone battery dying, and being out later than I'd like certainly sent my anxiety through the roof. We went out to a mexican place, but I'm not eating great and because I was panicky I had corn chips and an orange juice for dinner. I know I must have looked a little odd out with my parents and sister eating their amazing mexican food and having a drink, and then me eating corn chips and juice like a small child. 

Ah well. Maybe one day I'll be stable enough to try mexican food...


I've gotta be up early as Dad is taking me to a 4 wheel driving day out as part of a Beyond Blue fundraiser. He loves 4 wheel driving and I've not been before. And he wants to try and get me out of the house for the day. Hoping its not too bad and I can cope...


How is everyone elses nights going @TAB @Shaz51 @Jacques @Mazarita @boot 

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