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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

And my day was good ..... crafting and painting classes ...... what’s not to like ?  😏


So ..... you’ve got a butterfly image to design when you’re ready to go again ......

Re: Am Not Coping

That is exactly what @Faith-and-Hope has been talking about too @Hamsolo01 and possibly the only way I can look at this to get through it.

I am heading off now to try to sleep buddy - thank you for your support Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

Ditto @Zoe7 ..... 🤗❤️

Re: Am Not Coping

Hi @Hamsolo01 ..... 👋


Re: Am Not Coping

Goodnight @Zoe7. I hope you have a reasonable sleep tonight.

Re: Am Not Coping

@Faith-and-Hope Didn't have the best night but I expected that after the day/evening I had yesterday. I do feel a little better this morning but still very flat - going to have to get some things organised today and hope to get the lawn mowed also so hoping it doesn't rain today. I need to try to keep occupied so my thoughts don't overtake me again like last night ...not going to be easy as I am really tired but needing to push myself as much as I can.

I hope you have a nice day planned and can do some art and feel more at peace yourself.

Thank you for letting me 'talk' last night - it did help Hon and I really appreciate the space to do that here.

Re: Am Not Coping

Good morning @Zoe7 .....

That’s what the forums are for ..... and it’s so great to see it working that way for you.

Hugs ❣️

D3 is coming out and about to a craft workshop I have found today ..... yay 🎉

There is a drop-in art centre for young people we haven’t made it to yet.  Might be able to squeeze that in on our way home for a look-see.  I am hoping if I can interest her in it, she might take her brother along for company, and the pair of them might take D2 eventually.  That’s a plan anyway ......

Have just ordered weighted blankets for them as Christmas presents.

Re: Am Not Coping

Sounds like a lovely day planned and hopefully it will carry over with D3 and also S2 @Faith-and-Hope Would be great if D2 could join them too - would be inclusive for all of them and a real bonding experience.

I hope they all like their weighted blankets - such a great idea for a christmas present Hon Smiley Wink

Let us know how the craft workshop goes - definitely a great way to spend some time on a Saturday. 

I am waiting for an email from the Principal where she was going to forward me what topics the teacher on the class I am taking are doing so I can be prepared for Monday. I did expect it by now but if history has taught me anything - she is not that organised - I hope I get it soon as I need to get organised and I can't do that u til I know what to plan for - very frustrating waiting on others... feels like I am being set up to fail a little but that is probably just my own self-doubt talking.

Re: Am Not Coping

Might be self-doubt taking @Zoe7, but totally understandable under the circumstances ..... 


Show them how it’s done Hon.  Show them what recovery looks like and change their understanding about mental health.   You are an ambassador now ......


Success is the best antidote in a situation like this, so set your sails towards that ..... and sail forward gently.

Re: Am Not Coping

I know you are right Hon - need to stay occupied as much as I can today. I am on a grade 2/3 - never done a grade 2 before so need to look at the curriculum for that grade but that is hard to do when I don't know what I am supposed to be teaching yet @Faith-and-Hope

Would be nice to be able to be prepared but I shouldn't expect much more from this Principal as she has not shown me along the way any confidence in her management of this all.

I feel like sleeping again which isn't good but I'll try to keep as occupied as I can... maybe look for some more butterflies for the collage. Not in the right headspace to draw but searching on the net is do-able.

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