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Something’s not right

Re: I wanna be a bad girl again ....

@greenpea Heart Sister hugs

Ha ha @Lilyq  Know what you mean.

Life gets to me and I feel totally crushed too.  I could not feel that sense of spiritedness for a few decades during the heavy child bearing years.

  So when I began to heal I found it important to communicate something positive energetic and fun to my son.

I went through a very boring, very analytical period working through all the "bad" & good and boy girl issues.

The memory of being a minor rebel gave me some satisfaction, but along with all my imperfections I wanted him to know that I was totally committed to doing the right thing by him, for what that was worth.  

You are too much of a good mum  @greenpea

Re: I wanna be a bad girl again ....

@Appleblossom Thanks Appleblossom I hear what you are saying but the path that rocks at times sounds super ap'pea'ling! Smiley Tongue

Re: I wanna be a bad girl again ....

Like I said @greenpea

I am always here... lean on me whenever you need x💐❤️

Re: I wanna be a bad girl again ....

Hi Greenpea

I dont have much to say other than I am liste ing (reading)

I have also experienced not feeling myself because of medication. Its a tedious balance.

D x

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