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Something’s not right

Re: Sister Withdrawing

@silhouette Yes that is exhausting ... I was in that situation some 6 years ago ... now thta my son is on the right medication with the right help he is much more aware of the impact he has on me when he is flying off the handle at me ... I would be much older than you and I think you have taken on a mammoth task looking out for your sister ... many wouldn't do it.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for being such a wonderful sister to do that. My sister has given up on me but you haven't given up on your sis kudos to you silhouette.

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Hi Greenpea, sorry I've been away. Just forgot you were here or something. How are you? That son of yours behaving? Must be tough when he goes off at you. Hard what we get use to. I was raised in a violent home so i know.

Just checking in for support, really tired and nursing a back injury.

Mothers day is hard for my sis, she lost a child & this is our first mother's day without our mum (cancer). We're not planning anything tomorrow.

One of sis's hospital stays she became inbolved with another troubled woman, they became lovers for more than a year. But unfortunately this friend relapsed & took her life at her parents farm on mother's day. Sis remembe s her & lights a candle. Now we got a candle to light for mum too, next to my nieces. Its all so sad. I fear sis wont ne able to take the extra pain & just wont wake up one day. I'm sad myself but always ever reminded how much worse off everyone else is Smiley Sad

My sis & i take turns staying with dad now he's alone, he is becoming frail & forgetful. But we wont visit him or brothers, decided to feel sorry for ourselves tomorrow, eat chocolate & watch movies.

Is anyone around?

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Oh, forgot to mention, one day when really down myself recently, my sister jokingly asked if i ever wanted to die & if ever i did we could together Smiley Sad Admittedly, the thought toys with me from time to time. I have to remind myself 'this is not my thoughts' especially with winter blues creeping on. Such is life. Just gotta keep busy.

Re: Sister Withdrawing

@silhouette Hi silhouette you really have been through so much. Today will be hard I won't sugar coat it as I dont want to insult you or your sister. Let me say with tears in my eyes that if ever you are ever feeling down myself and others will always be here for you to talk with. Whether it is just for someone to 'sit' with if you dont want to talk but dont want to be alone either or someone to lend a kind ear we will always be here. Love green pea

Re: Sister Withdrawing

You said "if ever you are ever feeling down - myself and others will always be here for you to talk with" Thanks Greenpea, i get down but it doesn't matter. I'll run away before i hurt myself. Wouldn't be the first time I've done that.
How was your mother's day? Did you get fussed over at all?
Non event here. Sis was in her room most the day but think ok, needs her space. TV has been quite the distraction.

Re: Sister Withdrawing

@silhouette it was a really nice mothers day. I have never pushed it on the kids to celebrate it as I have always considered it to be just a way for people to spend more money they dont necessarily have but this year both my children bought me a little something very nice and we did coffee. So low key. Just the way I  like it.

TV can be quite a distraction as you say ... so can the computer I find . My family are nerds and love the computer. It has been worse than it is now but still you will often find us huddled around our computers looking up bits of information  coming our for the odd cuppa meeting in the kitchen then running back to the bedrooms to resume our computer searching.

I am glad that it went alright for you yesterday ... did read your post several times and wonder how you were going. Take care of yourself wont you. Greenpea

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Thanks Greenpea, sounds like u had a dream of a day. Your family sounds pretty normal. I have another quiet one planned here. Accept washing & house etc etc

Re: Sister Withdrawing

hello @silhouette , being thinking of you and your sister today

seeing how you are today Heart

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Hi @Shaz51, havent been here a long while. The format has changed. It was nice to find your post.  Someone remembering me. Thank you. Ive been reallt busy and my sis + i have been ships in the night.  Shes doing some centrelink forced volunteer work in op shop which is challenging her g anxuety over what ppl think.  Theres no telling here they don't matter.  Shes been pitchin in more with housework lately too.  Sometimes i wish she showed as much interest in mw as i do her but guess were not all the same. 

Talked to someone myself this week,  thinks i'm vulnerable to anxiety depression too, when told her how tired i've been,  bits of our childhood and my sisters parasuicides... (don't  know what I'd do if i lost her...) She's glad i sort support here too so guess we're all pretty much in the same boat.  Just gotta keep positive,  somehow lol 




Re: Sister Withdrawing

wonderful to hear from you @silhouette , always good to hear from friends

My husband now has MDD and bipolar2 now and looking after my elderly mum and myself have some physical problems

hope your sister copes ok with the volunteer work in op shop which is challenging her

and how are you going xx, I planted some succulents that i saved and put them in pots

come a meet some wonderful carers @greenpea, @outlander, @Darcy, @Determined, @Faith-and-Hope, @Adge, @Smc, @Appleblossom, @PeppiPatty, @Anna88


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