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Something’s not right

Re: rough time

Lets not forget the most important thing outlander - what's the colour? Lol 

Re: rough time

Still waiting on pic @lapses
Its silver with black trimmings and grey on thr inside
Not applicable

Re: rough time

@outlanderHeartWoman Happy

Your new car sounds nice, I'm just relaxing attm. I haven't eaten yet, it may be late for dinner. I will have something to eat soon, I packed all my shopping away from Online Coles home delivery. I purchased- Natures Way, Anti-Stress Night Multi For Woman Vitamin Tablets. They sound like something that will help me. They are on Special, if you want to check them out, you may like to try them too. I took one now I will go make something healthy to eat, that's quick.

Hi @lapses, hope you are ok, & happy Smiley Happy xo

Ok will go for now, talk later outlander  Smiley Happy   XO 

Re: rough time

Its very cute car @Former-Member
Something small for dinner would suffice maybe a sandwhich or something? And a cup of tea...
Not applicable

Re: rough time

Yes I have nice healthy mixed grain bread, & a cup of tea, sounds like something heaven sent attm!
Love U! Smiley Wink
See U later Gator! X

Re: rough time

Sounds good @Former-Member enioy!

Re: rough time

Is anyone still up?

Re: rough time

Hi @Former-Member, i'm ok thanks - don't believe much in 'happy' anymore but i do have inner joy of the Lord and peace that peeps through oft enough to keep me going. ATM dads tv is going quietly in the background, and the dogs are snoring beside me (only because its so cold out lol). So 'all is well enough i guess. I'll pop over the Believers thread soon ❤❤❤

@outlander, hiya! I want to be included in your next big road trip, tag us along with your breaks, God know the last one was hart for you on your own (bad weather & forever... ), but YOU DID IT - WELL DONE! Dometjing tells me ya sleeping really good tonight ❤❤❤

Hiya @Hamsolo01, sibling can be REALLY annoying grr! even.into middle age - i so know about that! (eyes rolling). Not easy when its in your face. Think maybe your sis needs a bit of therapy or a mood stabiliser. You take care ❤❤❤

Re: rough time

pretty much @lapses
yeah i got no idea what she actually needs, that's not my area but i am happy to talk to her about what is going on
the next step is dealing with my aunt who has money of mine from my grandparents, I'm worried she will spend it.

Re: rough time

for sure @lapses if and when im ever able to go that is.. ill be sure to take pics..

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