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  • Author : SoSad
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I learnt the hard way that you have to move on. Their behaviour is bizarre and will only bring you down too. I am seeing a psych who said that my ex used his mental illness as an excuse. He said that they need support too. I am now going through depression and anxiety and I have built up a support network to help me. I know everybody is different but it is more that they are running from their problems. They can’t be in a relationship if they are going to do that.


i am actually quite angry at my ex now. I think he emotionally manipulated me. I have a letter I’ve been working on for quite a while that I will be sending to him. I walked on eggshells when we broke up because of his mental health. So much that I didn’t say because of it and I have bottled it up. I know they say not to do that but I feel like I wasn’t allowed to voice my opinion.

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