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Thanks @Lauz

Hi everyone, I’m Stacey and I’m here tonight to discuss and share with you some of my story and experience around supporting my husband through both his and my journey of living with BPD. My husband and I met 25 years ago when we were both in our very early 20’s. The emotions were intense, I was idolised, I felt like I had never felt before, like the most important, beautiful, amazing person in the world. My husband was very open and very early on he shared with me stories of his troubled childhood and youth and I jumped at the chance to become his saviour, his life changer, I was going to make everything right just by being there and loving him. While this worked early on, and the relationship was bliss, cracks began to appear and there began the next 20+ years of a rollercoaster ride, encompassing the life of someone living with BPD and the impact of that on myself, our children (now aged 15 and 12) and our relationship.

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