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This month, SBS is screening a new show with a bit of a controversial name – but the content is set to be quite powerful. “How ‘Mad’ Are You?” is a two-part documentary aiming to breakdown stigma, myths and stereotypes of mental illness in a whole new way.


In the show, ten Australians from all backgrounds and ages spend a week together. Five have a history of mental illness. Five do not. All ten people agreed to take part in the hope of breaking down stigma.



Straight after the second and final episode airs tonight on Thursday 18th of October, we're lucky enough to have one of the cast members join us here on the forums so we can all have an online conversation about stigma – and what we can about it in our everyday lives.


Come and join us for a one hour, live facilitated discussion with our guest on Thursday 18 October from 9:30pm – 10:30pm AEDT right here on this thread.


It’s a bit of a late one, as we will start immediately after the show airs, but it will be a special one-off occasion so could be worth pushing past a few yawns for those of us with earlier bed times!


Do you have a question for the cast? Or a question about stigma you’d like to see discussed? <question link now closed - we'll do our best to touch on all the questions submitted so far! Thank you!>


If you have any questions for us about the session or show, do email us at


Want to be reminded that this is happening on the night? Hit the “Support” button below and we will send you an email notification on the night.


Thanks all, looking forward to it!


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