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Hi everyone! Thanks for staying up late with us tonight for our special chat with a member of the cast from How 'Mad' Are You? The show has just finished that's why we're a bit late! Wow what a great show!!


We are so pleased and thankful to have the wonderful Cameron from the show with us tonight to share his experiences and talk about stigma!! We had to keep his identity confidential til now! Cameron, you should be really proud of sharing your story with everyone through the show and we are so pleased you are here tonight! Welcome!



If you watched you show, you'll know Cameron - but by way of introduction, Cameron has worked with lived experience for over 17 years in a corporate and creative environment. He has spoken with senior management, human resources, staff and the general public on employment, ongoing support and becoming diversity-ready.


All these folks wanted a reminder that we are chatting tonight, so hi to 

@Sophia1 , @Soupy , @Christopher64 , @Hamsolo01@Hope4me@Elin , @Boo13, , @walker , @YSAUD17 , @BabyDragon@TAB , @jay2 , @LustStarrr , @Former-Member , @Snowie , @Fappy, @Former-Member , @CheerBear , @Mazarita , @Appleblossom , @Shaz51 , @Teej and @Zoe7 !


So welcome everyone and thanks everyone for coming along tonight – we’d love it if you can tell us why you decided to come tonight, did you watch the show? Or are you just interested in the topic of breaking down stigma?


Let's chat!


PS: If you need direct 1:1 support, or the show or our chat brings up anything you need support for, please check out Lifeline - we're not able to provide direct 1:1 support here.

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