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Looking after ourselves


Re: Carers under 30...

Getting fluids up sounds like a plan @outlander

Re: Carers under 30...






Re: Carers under 30...

ooh yes thanks @Darcy
i would looovvveeee to own him!

Re: Carers under 30...

Checking in @outlander

Re: Carers under 30...

hello @Darcy 👋

Re: Carers under 30...

How are you going Chickadee @outlander?

Re: Carers under 30...

not really that great @Darcy

how are you going?

Re: Carers under 30...

What's happening little one @outlander

Re: Carers under 30...

things are just really hard @Darcy i was hoping life was going to get better but it really isnt. i dont know what im suppose to do. it really just feels like life and the responisbilities i have are defeating me.
i also got the lecture of caring isnt a job etc. its hard to hear when things are already tough.

Re: Carers under 30...

It is so terribly hard when you are having to manage things on your own @outlander  especially when others are not appreciative of what you do. 

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